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Yet, through it all - instructing while in quarantine, simultaneously teaching online and in the classroom, and developing new techniques and approaches – our teachers’ dedication never wavered. Thank you for your passion, your commitment and for never giving up! Watch our Teacher Appreciation video.


Earlier this week I sent communication regarding an online CHANGE.ORG petition about the display of the confederate flags in a classroom. A confederate flag was temporarily displayed in one of our classrooms where it was used to support a very important period in American history. This display was done in compliance with ASD20 policies. That said, as the environment in which we live changes, we need to adapt with it. Now is not the time to place blame, defame character, or resort to name calling. Rather, it is a time to reflect, evaluate, and understand so we can be smarter tomorrow than we are today. We are committed to ensuring all students and staff feel safe and supported in our school communities and will take necessary steps to deliver on this commitment. 

Mask Wearing

Throughout this year, each time the Governor or Health Department updates health orders, we reevaluate the impact of mask wearing on our students and staff members. A few days ago, the Governor extended the statewide mask mandate into June. His order continues to require masks in indoor public spaces for ages 11 and above, with certain exceptions where the vaccine is prevalent or where medical exemptions exist. The age requirements of this order apply to all our facilities, except for elementary schools and pre-schools. I will be meeting with elementary school principals in the coming days to discuss plans for the remaining two weeks of school.  

Additionally, we are reviewing our current protocols regarding quarantines.  Quarantines, specifically the size and duration, have become extraordinarily disruptive to students, parents, and teachers and jeopardize student participation in important end-of-year events and the remaining days of school. Modifications to protocols are being evaluated for immediate implementation. More to come next week.

2021-22 School Year

As I stated in the eNewsletter one week ago, we plan to open for the 2021-22 school year as close to "normal" as permitted. As we welcome our students back to school, we will follow and implement health and safety guidelines mandated by the local and state health officials but will take advantage of all flexibilities granted. This means no masks, no quarantines, and business as usual. We will also continue to offer online options on a limited basis for those families who have health concerns and are uncomfortable with a business-as-usual approach to school operations. These options will be separate from our traditional classrooms and the synchronous classroom that includes both in-person and remote learners only used in extreme circumstances.  

If you would like your student to participate in 100% Remote Learning Due to COVID-related Health Concerns for the 2021-22 school year, you must complete an application on or before May 14, 2021.  

Learn about and apply for 100% Remote Learning Due to COVID-related Health Concerns.

Reminder: Accepting Applications for School Choice 

Many of our schools still have available seats and are accepting School Choice applications. The number of seats available at each school and grade may vary as new applications are received, so our systems are being updated on a regular basis. 

Learn about School Choice. 

Reminder: ASD20 Resource Center

ASD20 families in need of non-perishable food items and lightly used clothing can access the district’s food pantry and clothing closet at our Family Resource Center, 3475 Hampton Park Dr. (building two, behind Academy Endeavour Elementary School). The Family Resource Center will be open each Friday between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. 

Learn about the Family Resource Center.  

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all. Be safe and be well. 

Tom Gregory

Superintendent of Schools

Academy District 20