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Meeting Summary

  • Meeting Facilitator: Karin Reynolds

  • Secretary: Hannah Tiernan

  • Date: 12/15/2022

  • Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm

  • Location: EAC (Education Administration Center)

  • Address: 1110 Chapel Hills Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Attendees: Risa Arsenault, Tami Bean, Alayna Bolanos, Steven Butler, Montero, Amy Cummins, Cheryl Dahl, Hannah DeBlois, Andrea Farley, Nicole Gross, Rob Haack, Jackie Hansen, Delinda Hollingsworth, Lani Howell, Lila Lund, Angela McLane, Melanie Mogey, Emily Ruminski, Bev Thoman, Liisa Underwood, Michelle Waggener, Mark Wahlstrom

Absences: Kristen Dimler, Stephanie Kerscher, Marcy Palmer, Sarah Zellmer

Discussion was held around the following agenda items, and specifics can be reviewed in the PowerPoint presentation (attached) for this evening’s meeting:

Welcome and reminders during working dinner

  • Agenda review

  • Gallery walk of past recommendations and of post-it notes added at last meeting to ensure all was captured in the draft document sent to the SEW on 12/11/22.

  • Reminders about the report and recommendations

Small group discussion of thoughts about the draft recommendations: Small groups discussed their initial reactions to the first draft of recommendations that they got via email from Karin on 12/11.

Small Group Sharing and Large Group Discussion: Small groups their discussion around each recommendation, and the members from other groups added additional ideas to each recommendation. Notes were taken by group members around each recommendation and provided to Karin for her revisions to the first draft.

Wrap-Up: Karin reminded the group to keep watching their emails so that they could respond to the revised recommendations (Draft #2). She will include with that email communication, the minutes from this meeting as well as the exit evaluation of the group’s process for their response. She invited them to complete the evaluation this evening if they wished to remain anonymous, but they can respond via email if they prefer as the SEW comes to an end.