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SEAC (Special Education Advisory Council) News  

Thank you to all participants in February’s SEAC meeting, both in-person and via Teams. We are always looking to expand our outreach so please share the news about SEAC meetings. All parents, staff, and community members are invited and welcome to join. 

Below is an overview of February’s topics and discussion points. 

2024 Resource Review 

Becky Buchannan and Jenny Swan discussed strengths and areas for improvement, emphasizing belonging, academic excellence, and symbiotic relationships. There was a concern raised about the restrictive nature of SPED services and the need to increase student independence. 

Behavior Data 

Lisa Brandt presented behavior data, questioning the allocation of resources to the behavior team given that behavior isn't an eligibility category for SPED. It was suggested to include behavior in eligibility categories and to analyze incident data further. 

District Assessment Data 

Amelia Lynd discussed district assessment data, highlighting concerns about student buy-in and participation in assessments. 

State Assessment Data 

Carrie Ordway discussed CMAS and PSAT data, addressing issues of student participation and accommodations. 

Breakout Parent Groups 

Groups examined Commendations, Resources, Challenges, and Recommendations. 

District Updates 

Updates included board presentations, performance indicators, facilitated assessments, preschool updates, staffing updates, and the search for a SPED administrator. 

Overall, the meeting addressed various aspects of special education services, including resource allocation, assessment data, and district updates. Concerns were raised about the effectiveness of services and the need for better communication between stakeholders. 

Important Dates 

We have 1 remaining SEAC meeting for the year. All meetings are held at the EAC (Education Administration Center) from 5:00-6:30pm. As a reminder, Teams is an available option for participation. 

Our last meeting is April 30. 

CSEAC (Colorado Special Education Advisory Council) 

Nicole Gross is a local representative to the CSEAC. There were no updates at February’s meeting. 

You can reach Nicole at and the other representatives at 

Frequently Used Acronyms, Vocabulary, and Terms 

Acronyms are littered throughout conversations centered around special education. There is an acronym for just about everything, including eligibility categories, related services and providers, and programs. One goal of the SEAC is to develop an extensive acronym and vocabulary booklet, but for now, here are each of the eligibility categories, related services, and programs in Academy District 20. 

Disability Categories 

  • ASD- Autism Spectrum Disorder 

  • Deaf-blindness 

  • DD- Developmental Delay 

  • HI- Hearing Impairment, including Deafness 

  • Infant/Toddler with a Disability 

  • ID- Intellectual Disability 

  • MD- Multiple Disabilities 

  • OI- Orthopedic Impairment 

  • OHI- Other Health Impairment 

  • SED- Serious Emotional Disability 

  • SLD- Specific Learning Disability 

  • SLI- Speech or Language Impairment 

  • TBI- Traumatic Brain Injury 

  • VI- Visual Impairment, including Blindness 

Services and Providers 

  • OT- Occupational Therapy/Therapist 

  • PT- Physical Therapy/Therapist 

  • DHH- Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

  • SLP- Speech Language Pathologist 

  • O&M- Orientation and Mobility 


  • AN- Affective Needs 

  • CSD- Communication Social Delay 

  • ECSE- Early Childhood Special Education (Preschool) 

  • Resource 

  • SSN- Significant Support Needs 

Acronyms Used by CDE 

Current Special Education Staffing Assignments 


Belinda Lujan-Linsey, Executive Director 
Becky Harris, Director of Instruction 
Jaleesa Steward, Director of Compliance 


Lisa Brandt- Compliance 
TBH- Instruction 
Taylor May- Aspire Program, OOD 

Instructional Facilitators 

Kathie Garner- SSN Team 
Amelia Lynd- Autism Team 
Lisa Mitchell- Affective Needs and Behavior Team 
Lisa Shurgot- Autism and Preschool Teams 
Becky Buchannan- Elementary Resource 
Jenny Swan- Secondary Resource 
Cari Ordway- Transition 18-21 (Bridges) 

Compliance Facilitators 

Shellie Underhill- Douglass Valley, Foothills, Rockrimmon, Woodmen-Roberts, Eagle View, Air Academy, Aspen Valley Campus, NOP/EPP, Village High, Village Middle, HSA, Encompass Heights 
Daina Escamilla- Academy Endeavour, Encompass Heights, High Plains, Pioneer, Mountain Ridge, Rampart, Liberty, Timberview Middle, Academy International, Prairie Hills, Frontier, Explorer 
TBH- Chinook Trails Elementary, Chinook Trails Middle, Legacy Peak, Ranch Creek, Edith Wolford, Mountain View, Challenger, Pine Creek, Antelope Trails, The daVinci Academy, Discovery Canyon Elementary, Middle & High Schools 

Next SEAC Meeting: April 30, 2024