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This adjustment provides our staff protected time to collaborate, align curriculum, develop assessments, and review student data. Ultimately this change improves the overall learning experience for all students.

This change comes after Mr. Gregory, Superintendent of Schools, charged members of the Executive Cabinet to explore creating time for PLCs.  A committee – with representation from stakeholder groups – formed and studied the impacts of the proposed change. 

After a series of meetings during the spring of 2021, the committee recommended presenting the concept of PLCs to the community. Presentations were given and a survey deployed. A total of 1,742 parents, staff, and students responded to the survey.  

The findings of the survey supported moving forward with PLCs and on April 7, 2022, a formal recommendation was made to the Board of Education, and last night on April 21, 2022, the board approved the modified school calendar.

PLC days for the 2022-23 school year are:

  • September 14, 28

  • October 5, 26

  • November 9

  • December 7

  • January 11, 25

  • February 8

  • March 8

  • April 5, 19

You can view the revisions on our online calendar.