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Last week, we announced a change to our school start/end times. We have since heard from parents who agree with the proposal, as well as parents who do not.

While there is not universal agreement about the specifics of the plan, we can all agree that changing start/end times is significant for all families. Therefore, to provide more clarity and better understanding about the impacts and scope of this proposal, we are delaying its implementation until the 2024-25 school year.

This winter/spring, we will engage with our community about this topic in a variety of ways. We will first hold several in-person community forums across the district. We will present information, as well as answer questions and solicit feedback and possible solutions.

Once the dates, times and locations are finalized, we will send email notices and place these announcements on ASD20.ORG. If you have questions, ideas or concerns, we hope you can attend.

Because we are delaying the implementation of this plan, which also addressed transportation issues, we may not be able to provide bus services for field trips, after school activities and special events. It will be much like the past two years.

We appreciate your understanding and partnership as we continue to work toward the next steps in this process.