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Phase-Out Process

We are making every effort to retain staff for the program through the end of the phase-out. Students in first through fifth grade who are currently enrolled in Spanish/French immersion will continue the program at their respective schools, through the end of their fifth-grade year. Please note, if we are unable to find qualified staff this could change. If that happens, families will be updated immediately.

We greatly value providing students the opportunity to learn second languages and will continue to offer Spanish/French classes as a special (aka elective) so all students will have an opportunity to gain exposure to the language and culture.

What does this mean for your student?

If your student does not participate in Spanish/French immersion, there will be no impact.

Foothills Elementary School

For the 2024-25 school year, we will not offer Spanish immersion in first grade. All three first grade classrooms will be traditional English classrooms.

Ranch Creek Elementary School & Academy International Elementary School

For the 2024-25 school year, we will offer Spanish/French immersion in first grade. This will be the last new cohort of immersion classes.

In 2025-26, we will cease immersion classes for incoming first grade students.