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The Best of Online and In-Person Learning

The Core content of Village Middle School will continue online, maximizing flexibility and personalization, however, our school will implement the following changes immediately:

  • Students will have expanded opportunities to work with peers and teachers onsite, rather than just accessing teachers through synchronous online lessons.

  • Teachers will also work as learning coaches and mentors, in addition to being highly qualified content knowledge educators.

  • Additional onsite exploratory options will be offered, allowing students to apply their learning in areas of interest.

The Renaming Committee selected Village Middle School as our new name because we share philosophies and educational beliefs with Village High School. Both schools harness the best parts of online and in-person learning to create truly unique experiences rooted in relationships.

Additionally, both schools believe:

  • relationships come first

  • student-led learning is the most powerful learning, and

  • students deserve educational options that reflect the changing world.

VMS and VHS will maintain separate application processes but have begun working collaboratively to ensure students have access to the best possible educational experience.

Welcome to Village Middle School!