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It has become increasingly difficult to fill vacancies for bus drivers, mechanics and other critical positions within the Academy District 20 (ASD20) Transportation Department. In fact, we are currently experiencing a 20% shortage of bus drivers and transportation paraprofessionals.

To support students and families for the start of the upcoming school year, all of our transportation office and maintenance staff will be driving school bus routes. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable solution.

Increased incentives for bus drivers, mechanics and paraprofessionals

To avoid negative impacts to our existing bus routes, we need to recruit and retain more bus drivers, mechanics and bus paraprofessionals. We are therefore offering three types of incentives. Additionally, we increased the starting pay for bus drivers to $16.17 an hour and, in most cases, we provide training for a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) at no cost to the applicant.  We have also increased the starting pay for transportation paraprofessionals to $13.56/hour. 

Below are the three types of incentives we are now offering.

Signing & Retention Incentive

  • $2,000 for all new bus drivers, $2,000 for all new mechanics, and $1,000 for all new paraprofessionals.  Fifty percent of this incentive is awarded after successful training (CDL training for drivers and mechanics) and the remaining 50 percent is awarded after one year of continuous service, excluding Workers Compensation leaves of 30 days or less.  This incentive will continue through the 2022-2023 school year and may remain in effect for subsequent years based upon when positions are fully staffed and fiscal resources available to support the incentive program.  A staff member receiving a Signing Incentive is not eligible for a Retention Incentive. (Note: If there is a staff retention incentive authorized in the FY a hiring incentive payment is due, the payment for the hiring incentive will be as stated above or equivalent to the staff incentive whichever is higher.)

  • All other staff members working on or before Sept. 30, 2022 will receive a Retention Incentive in the amount of $750, awarded in October 2022.

Attendance Incentive

  • Staff members with zero absences will receive $50/month for each month with no absences up to $250/semester.  For example, if you are absent one day in August, you will not receive $50 for that month, but you are still eligible for $50/month for the remaining months of the semester.  The incentive is awarded at the end of the semester. 

Recruiting Incentive

  • $200 for any district staff member (excluding administrators) who recruits a new bus driver/paraprofessional/mechanic.  Fifty percent is awarded after completion of successful training and the remaining 50 percent after one year of continuous service by the newly recruited staff member.

We need your help

If you know anyone who may be interested in becoming an ASD20 bus driver or transportation paraprofessional, please forward this information. Below are the links to both job descriptions.

Bus Driver – Trainee (Multiple Positions)

Bus Paraprofessional (Multiple Positions)

Thank you for your help!