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Please submit one completed survey for your household or one survey for each of your students to help us apply for much needed Federal Impact Aid funding.

The deadline to sign, date and return the form to your student’s school is Monday, Oct. 31, 2022.

Impact Aid Funding

The state of Colorado has a number of federal properties (i.e. military bases, offices, and subsidized housing) that are exempt from some local and state taxes. Because this land and these employers are not taxed, Academy District 20 loses critically needed tax revenues.

Every year, Academy District 20 applies for aid to make up for taxes lost of children whose parents are in the military, employed on a federal property and/or live on a federal property, or civilian employed on federal property. We do this through a federal program that was established in the 1950’s called the Federal Impact Aid program. The district must participate in the survey each year and provide information to the federal government in the form of a grant application. Your individual family information is kept confidential.

The revenue received directly supports the high-quality education provided to all district students. To maximize funding for Academy District 20 students, we are striving for a 100% return rate of surveys.

Thank you for your continued support and for your cooperation in completing this survey!