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Happy new year! I hope your family had a restful and enjoyable Winter Break. At the start of each new year, before jumping into setting goals or making resolutions, I always take a few moments to reflect.

We had a successful and exciting 2022! Not only did our schools and students achieve individual successes, but as a district we achieved major milestones. For example, we completed the first year of implementing our strategic plan; a plan that focuses on people, relationships, and quality education for all. 

We also earned the Accredited with Distinction designation from The Colorado Department of Education for the fourteenth consecutive year. Only four districts in the state have been awarded this honor each year since its inception, and we are one of those districts. Additionally, we learned nearly 80% of our third graders scored at or above reading grade level. Lastly, student enrollment has recovered from the pandemic as this year’s enrollment exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

As I reflect on these districtwide accomplishments and remember the pride and joy I experienced while attending school performances, sporting matches, and academic events, I am confident 2023 is ripe for more success and celebration in Academy District 20 (ASD20)!  

I am reminded often that ASD20 and our community of staff, students, and families are unmatched in Colorado. The high value and support our community demonstrates for education and our public schools differentiates ASD20 from all other districts.  

Superintendent Search 

Last month McPherson and Jacobsen, LLC., the firm hired to facilitate our superintendent search process, began collecting feedback from stakeholder groups. Feedback collection will continue this month through four Community Town Halls, and an online survey. The survey will be announced and deployed later this month. 

Learn more about the Superintendent Search Town Halls on ASD20.ORG.

Strategic Plan Update 

In the fall of 2021, we launched Phase One of our Strategic Plan, a plan rooted and centered around our Board of Education Ends of knowledge, skills, and character for success after graduation. 

Our strategic plan outlines six key priorities. These priorities not only push us toward our envisioned future and mission, but they also provide a road map of how we will achieve our Board Ends. We strongly felt that ensuring all students experience a true sense of belonging in our classrooms was imperative to achieving long-term academic success.

Therefore, we designated “Priority One: Create a culture of belonging,” as our first strategic Focus Goal. It is important to note, this did not mean we would not actively work on all six priorities. Indeed, work continued toward all six of our priorities, but we took special care to align our resourcing toward creating clarity, momentum, and district-wide understanding about the importance of all making sure we do everything in our power to ensure all students know they belong in ASD20!

To accomplish this first Focus Goal, we created four objectives. Each objective had a team lead and a committee of staff, students, and community members to guide and support the work. This fall, we evaluated the progress made toward our first focus goal, and that progress is now available for review on the Strategic Plan landing page of ASD20.ORG.

As we evaluated our progress, we also set our sights toward the second year of our Strategic Plan implementation. We will continue our work toward creating a culture of belonging, and we will add two more Focus Goals. From September 2022 through June 2023, we will create additional structures, supports and resourcing to create district-wide focus on: “Academic excellence for all,” and “Investing and supporting our greatest asset, our staff.”

We encourage you to read more about the successes from our first year of strategic work, as well as our goals for academic success and staff support on ASD20.ORG.

School Choice & Kindergarten Registration

We are currently accepting both School Choice applications and kindergarten registrations. We encourage families to learn more about the unique offerings at our schools by attending School Choice Information Sessions and using our School Directory Tool.

Learn more about School Choice at ASD20.ORG.

Learn more about Kindergarten Registration at ASD20.ORG.

Don’t Forget: Textbook Review

The proposed textbooks for 2022-23 school year are available for public review and comment from Jan. 9-23, 2023.

Learn how to participate in the upcoming review on ASD20.ORG.

January Parent Academies

We have four Parent Academies this month. The sessions will cover: Executive functioning skills, academic success, dyslexia, and college and career opportunities. 

Learn more about these upcoming Parent Academy sessions on ASD20.ORG.

Be safe and be well,
Tom Gregory
Superintendent of Schools