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At that time, facial coverings/masks will ONLY be required: 

  • while using district transportation, per federal mandate, and 

  • when inside Air Academy High School and Douglass Valley Elementary, per U.S. Air Force Academy mandate.

The existing mask requirements will be relaxed for all other district schools and facilities. Although no longer required, students, staff, and visitors who prefer to continue wearing facial coverings/ masks are encouraged to do so.

A Temporary Measure

The use of facial coverings/masks was never meant to be permanent. Instead, it was a temporary measure to help keep our students and staff out of quarantines and in the classroom until changes in our environment occurred. 

Since implementing our mask requirement in September 2021, a couple important changes have occurred.  All staff are now eligible to receive both the COVID-19 vaccine and booster, and all school-aged children 5 - 18 are now eligible to receive the vaccine. Additionally, as of yesterday, Dec. 5, 2021, COVID-19 data in El Paso County is showing signs of improvement.

We continue to work closely with El Paso County Public Health (EPCPH) and anticipate updated School COVID-19 guidance later this month. At that time, we will provide any further updates to our community.

Moving Forward

As we close this semester and look toward coming back in January, please remember to keep monitoring for symptoms and stay home when feeling sick. Even with new tools like vaccinations, keeping all kids in school starts with ensuring our students and staff only attend school/work when healthy. 

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to navigate this unprecedented time. 

Be safe and be well, 

Tom Gregory

Superintendent of Schools

Academy District 20