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Who is allowed to pick up medication?

  • High School students can pick up most medications such as inhalers and EpiPens. Elementary and Middle school students cannot pick up medications.

  • Adults must pick up controlled substances such as ADHD and anxiety medications. These medications cannot be sent home with students.

What happens if a medication does not get picked up?

Any medications left after the last day of school will be discarded.

Annual Form and Plan Renewal

Forms and plans that must be renewed each school year are available in your school's health office or on the ASD20 website under Medical Forms and Documents within Parent Resources.

  • Permission to Administer Medication Forms

  • Care plans for students with an emergency action plan and/or emergency medications that are kept at school (Allergies & Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Seizures, etc.) must submit new care plans each school year.

    • If your student has an individual health care plan, please contact your school nurse for annual updates.

Non-Medical Immunization Exemptions

Non-medical immunization exemptions are required to be completed annually no sooner than July 1 for the upcoming school year. Exemption forms can be found on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.