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Organizing a Drive

We would love your help. Here are the steps for organizing a drive:

Step 1

Please start this process by filling out the FRC Donation Drive form to communicate the details of your drive. If your school would like to engage in a different kind of drive that wasn’t listed in the forms link, please reach out to either Kierra or Tarah directly. Check the current list of items needed and decide which type of drive your group would like to do.

Step 2

Once you have submitted the form, Kierra Yarbrough or Tarah Patterson will reach out for any additional information regarding your drive and to confirm the dates of your drive and drop-off time once the drive has concluded.

Step 3

Please reach out to Kierra Yarbrough (719-726-5400) or Tarah Patterson (719-234-5683) if you have any questions or if you'd like us to meet with your school or group to plan.