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CU Succeed Platinum

  • PES1000: Physics in Everyday Life: A non-mathematical overview of physics and how it affects our everyday life. Recommended for students with no science or mathematical background. (Two weighted HS science credits)

  • ENGL1500: Introduction to Literature for Non-Majors: Fundamental literary analysis of poetry, drama, and fiction. This course is a prerequisite to all other literature courses. (Two weighted HS English credits)

  • BUAD1000: Introduction to Business: Familiarizes students with the structure, operations, management, and socioeconomic aspects of business and non-business entities. (Two HS weighted core elective credits)

  • PSY1000: General Psychology: An introduction to the scientific study of behavior. Includes psychology discipline areas of clinical, experimental, developmental, abnormal, and social. (Two HS weighted social science credits)

  • HIST1540: US Recent America, 1918-Present: Survey of America’s social, political, economic and cultural history during the time the US has been a world power. The roots of contemporary society, with emphasis on the emergence of a multicultural America. (Two HS weighted social science credits; Meets US History requirement if HIST1530 is also taken)

MathOnline through UCCS

MathOnline allows qualified high school students to enroll for credit without being present on campus. This program is for advanced students who no longer have math courses available at the high school level. Students can attend online lectures live or watch the recording anytime.

MathOnline courses have an out-of-pocket cost. ASD20 pays the community college rate per credit hour for MathOnline courses, but the difference between that tuition rate and the UCCS tuition is the responsibility of students and families. Families are also responsible for books and fees.

Spring 2024 Math Online Options:

  • Math3110: Theory of Numbers (Three credit hours)

  • Math3130: Intro to Linear Algebra (Three credit hours)

  • Math3400: Intro to Differential Equations (Three credit hours)

  • Math3410: Intro to Analysis (Three credit hours)

Pikes Peak State College

Concurrent Enrollment

Guaranteed transfer courses can earn two high school credits. They are worth three or more college credit hours and weighted on a 5.0 GPA scale. See Appendix B in the College and Career Program Guide or the application itself for a list of these courses.

Degree Start - 11th and 12th Grade Only

Degree Start is for students who plan to pursue a liberal arts degree. They can earn up to 19 transferable college credits each year. For more information, please read the Program Guide or visit

Applications for Fall 2024 classes are due on April 1, 2024.