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Academy District 20, in collaboration with McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C., Executive Recruitment and Development, has opened the application process for hiring the district’s next superintendent. The application process closes Feb. 1, 2023.

The full posting, and application, can be accessed on the McPherson & Jacobson website.

Below is an overview of the posting.

The Academy District 20 Board of Education (BOE) is seeking a bold, decisive, and experienced leader to serve as its next Superintendent of Schools. The board expects the selected individual to assume the responsibilities of the position July 1, 2023.


To be considered for the position, candidates must be a proven leader with a track record of demonstrated results and sustained excellence.

Specifically, the BOE is searching for a visionary, inspirational, and innovative leader with the following characteristics:


  • Prioritizes academic growth and achievement above all else

  • Models and upholds high standards and expectations

  • Possess the willingness and ability to make tough decisions

  • Ensures distracting agendas are kept out of the classroom

  • Committed to continuous improvement, coaching of others, and growing leaders

  • Displays both humility and drive toward demonstrative results


  • Is accessible and visible to staff, students, and stakeholders

  • Is personable, listens authentically, and responds appropriately

  • Communicates clearly with both staff and stakeholders

  • Demonstrates accomplished public speaking skills


  • Prioritizes the needs of students and staff

  • Appreciates all district stakeholders and groups

  • Seeks feedback and suggestions in decision making

  • Respects parents’ rights and expects parent responsibility

Organizational Oversight

  • Empowers staff to work independently without micromanaging

  • Has a working knowledge of all departments within the district

  • Is experienced in ensuring the organization remains fiscally sound

  • Understands Policy Governance