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Math and Science at DCC.jpg2 (3).jpg3 (3).jpg Don't forget to checkout out Pi Day, Space Day,  

and the CSI Program!​


 Space Day: January, 22, 2016!

Space Day_01162016.jpgThe annual DCC Space Day was held campus-wide on Friday, January 22, 2016.  This is a day in which we invite to DCC speakers and presentations for our students aligned to space. 
This year, we had several speakers and demonstrations, including the following:
    • ​​Keynote speaker:  John Spencer, who is part of the New Horizons mission to Pluto.  
    • Ron Furstenau, ​Chemistry Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy
    • Francis Chun from the Physics Department at the U.S. Air Force Academy​.
    • John Monahan, president of Real Time Logic, Inc. (RT Logic)

Hopefully, your students came away from this exciting ay knowing a little bit more about space.

Click here to see pictures from Space Day 2016!

 CSI Program for Elementary Students!

CSI stands for Canyon STEM Investigators, a program quite similar to the Junior Ranger Program that the United States National Parks offer.  In the Junior Ranger Program, children complete booklets of age-appropriate lessons in order to learn about a National Park that they are visiting, and earn a badge upon successful completion of the lessons.  Now, we have our own version here at DCC, with startup costs generously funded by our PTO! 

DCC was designed so that the building contained components that could be used to teach science and math.  Some of our high school students have designed activities and lessons for our elementary students to investigate different spaces at DCC, and earn badges along the way.  Our Science Honor Society students will be hosting our first CSI afternoon, in which elementary students along with a parent will have the opportunity to come and investigate either the Solar System or Satellite Sleuther lessons – and earn a badge for completion of the lessons.  We have both primary and intermediate lessons available, so students of both ages are welcome to join us for our first afternoon of learning and fun.
These lessons will challenge students to learn about objects that orbit the Earth, planets that orbit the sun, and a little about DCC.  Students along with a parent may work at their own pace, with support from our high school Science Honor Society students. This is an opportunity for children to ask questions, explore the school and find out new information. If you are unable to make it to this kickoff CSI day, but still want to participate, stay tuned for later opportunities.  We are hoping to offer at least one CSI afternoon session per quarter.  Read below for details:

Contact Christa Lundbergchrista.lundberg@asd20.org) if you have any further questions about this new and exciting opportunity!​