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Which Academy Online program is right for me?

Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, Academy Online provides three different programs to meet the unique needs of students:

  • Access: This program is for any 9th - 12th grade student interested in taking a full time schedule of online or hybrid courses.
  • The Village: This program is for any 9th grade student who wants a full-time blended learning experience. This program is focused on problem-based personalized learning in a small environment. The number one characteristic of students in this program is curiosity. In the 2016-17 school year, this program will enroll 9th and 10th grade students.
  • Extended Studies: This program is for any student who keeps a full time enrollment in another high school. This program provides online and hybrid courses that students may be unable to access in their home high school; dual college credit opportunity is available for 60% of the Extended Studies courses.

How do I enroll in a program or course?

See the Register page for instructions on how to enroll in a program or course.


How many students go to Academy Online?

While our program is evolving, historically Academy Online has served approximately 50 full time students and 300 part time students.


Do I have to be a D20 student, and how do I transfer to Academy Online?

To enroll in The Village program or the 9th-12th Grade Full Time Online program, you do need to be a D20 student. If you are not currently a D20 student, consult the guidelines of our Central Registry to enroll in Academy District 20.


The Extended Studies program provides out of district students with the ability to take our courses on a space available basis and at a tuition of $250 per student per course, paid for by the student's enrolled school district or the student's family. Call 719.234.1670 for information!


Each program has specific application requirements; see the Apply & Enroll page for details.

Why do families choose Academy Online?

Most often, we hear that Academy Online offers flexibility, personalized enviroment, access to high-interest courses, and college credit opportunity. Some of our students are D20 residents, but are traveling overseas, have health issues that interfere with attendance in a traditional school, or can't fit a certain class in their in-building schedule. Other students choose our program because of their learning styles and the personalization our program can provide.

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