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Student Password Reset | Academy District 20

​Student Password Reset Instructions

  1. A parent and/or guardian must complete password setup in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal before he or she will be able to log into the Extended Portal to reset his or her student's password.  If the parent and/or guardian has forgotten his or her password, please follow the D20 password reset tool link under District Announcements on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Page.   If the parent or guardian is still unable to log in, please contact the help desk at 234-1777 or help@asd20.org.  Please be sure to include:
     - Your Full Name & Address
     - Home or cell phone number
     - Student Name, birthdate, school and grade
     - Description of your issue

  2. A parent and/or guardian will log into the Extended Parent Portal.  You can access the Extended Parent Portal by clicking the link above or through any District 20 website under the "Parents" drop down or the "Logins" button.  You will use the same log in and password used to log into the Infinite Campus Portal. 

  3. Select Name.pngAfter logging into the Extended Parent Portal, click on the name of the student whose password needs to be updated.

  4. student tab.pngNext, click on the "Student Password Reset" link in the middle of the page or on the "Student Passwords" tab at the far right.

  5. password rules.pngPlease be sure to read the guidelines for choosing a new password.

  6. newpassword.png Enter a new password for your student.  Then, re-enter the new password.  These two entries must match to successfully reset your student's password.

  7. Next, click "Save New Password".

  8. next picture.jpgYou may change more than one student's password on this screen.  If you would like to change another student's password from your household, click on the dropdown next to the current student's name at the top of the screen and select another student's name.





Still Experiencing Problems? 

If you are experiencing problems or have any questions, please contact the help desk at 234-1777 or help@asd20.org.

Please be sure to include:

  •  Your Full Name & Address
  •  Home or cell phone number
  •  Student Name, birthdate, school and grade
  •  Description of your issue