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High Trails Philosophy

 Philosophical Statement

At High Trails, students will study many phases of the middle-school curriculum: ecology, history, conservation, geology, astronomy, and nature crafts, as well as the responsible use of the outdoors for recreational purposes. Responsibility, self-reliance, leadership, and friendship also grow during the experience.
Recently, humans have started to understand that how long this earth continues and the quality of life it supports depends on our knowledge that every human action is connected to the whole system and that each of us needs a fresh vision of reality that man is not alien to nature but a vital part with a potential capacity that is infinite and unique.
The above statement is validation for the High Trails experience, students address the following Colorado State Education Standards.
In History:
  • Students understand the chronological organization of history and know how to organize events and people into major eras to identify and to explain historical relationships.
  • Students understand that societies are diverse and have changed over time.
  • Students understand how science, technology, and economic activities have developed, changed, and affected societies throughout history.
In Geography:
  • Students understand how physical processes shape the earth's surface patterns and systems.
In Life Science:
  • Students know and understand the characteristics and structure of living things, the processes of life, and how living things interact with each other and their environment.
In Earth and Space Science:
  • Students know and understand the processes and interactions of earth's systems and the structure and dynamics of the earth and other objects in space.
  • Students know and understand inter-relationship among science, technology, and human activity and how they can affect the world.
The High Trails education is overseen by High Trails staff members, Colorado licensed teachers (those from your child's school), as well as district high school students. The above allows for a six to eight ratio which works very well in the education process.
The students are held accountable for the High Trails experience in a number of ways, including completion of a High Trails journal on site, and participation in activities.