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What will the money be used for?

We are asking voters to consider a Mill Levy Override (MLO) that would raise up to $35-million per year for vital district needs.

  • Increasing teacher and support staff salaries

  • Facility maintenance and improvements

  • Expanding armed security officers to all elementary schools

  • Funding ASD20 Charter Schools for educational purposes

    • Academy District 20 authorized charter schools would receive their pro-rata share per state statute. No revenue from this tax will be used for administration salaries.

Why Teacher Salaries?

To remain competitive, we must attract and retain talented teachers and support staff. We currently rank 3rd in teacher salaries in the Pikes Peak Region. At our current starting salary teachers cannot afford to live and work in Academy District 20.

An example:

  • Starting salary for a new teacher: $48,800

  • Monthly take-home pay: $3,069

Monthly expenses:

Monthly Expenditures Amount
Rent: 1 bed / 1 bath apt. in ASD20 $1,396
Utilities $133
Internet $36
Car Payment / Gas / Insurance $915
Non-restaurant food $342
Cell Phone $40
Toiletries, Hair Care, etc. $60
Student Loan $278
Total Monthly Expenses $3,200
Monthly Net Loss ($131)

Why School Safety?

Currently there are only armed security officers at all middle and high schools with officers rotating between elementary schools.

  • Funding from the MLO would ensure every ASD20 school would have an armed security officer on-site.

Why Facilities?

We currently have a $300M backlog of deferred maintenance and capital projects. Additionally we currently allocate $6-8M per year on maintenance while we should be spending $40M according to industry standards.

Why Charter School Funding?

Our charter schools receive a proportionate amount based on student enrollment, to be used on teacher and support staff salaries, facilities and security.

  • New Summit Charter Academy
  • The Classical Academy

Should the Mill Levy Override pass, a committee will be created to monitor expenditures.