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Using Public Funds


Public funds can be used for producing and distributing a “factual summary.” Summary must include arguments both for and against an issue. The district will produce this factual summary.

Public funds cannot be used in any manner that supports or opposes any campaign involving an issue or candidate. Campaign information cannot be included in school newsletters, or any information sent home to parents/guardians.


Discussing the Ballot Measure


During working hours, you may respond to questions about the issue, but only when questions are unsolicited and not orchestrated by you in a manner to elicit your opinion about the issue.


During work hours and at the work site, you may not promote or try to defeat a candidate or ballot issue and you cannot wear, display or distribute campaign materials.

Making Campaign Contributions & Stating an Opinion


On their own time and without reimbursement, staff members
may publicly state an opinion, provide in-kind services, or make contributions from personal funds in support of an issue.


Except when responding to unsolicited questions, you may not publicly state an opinion at scheduled meetings where school business is conducted and you are working, such as back-to-school nights.


Renting District Facilities & Equipment

The use of school/district facilities to host forums or rallies is permitted if all groups have equal access to facility rental and the typical rental process is followed and fees are paid.


Public equipment, such as ASD20 computers, tablets, copy machines, mailing equipment or email may not be used to support or oppose an issue or candidate.

Talking to Students

During work hours, you may answer students’ questions about the issue, but only when such questions are unsolicited and not orchestrated by you in a manner to elicit your opinion about the issue.


While on duty, you shall not initiate any discussion with students or others about the ballot issue, take any stand on a candidate or ballot issue with students, distribute any materials that express a position to students, or enlist the services of students to work on any campaign.


Using Social Media and Email

You may participate in political discussion or like a ballot measure if you are not on duty. Non-ASD20 email accounts may be used off-duty and not using ASD20 equipment, such as district cell phones or computers.

Participation in campaign-specific discussion on social media is not allowed while on duty. ASD20 email or other ASD20 communication platforms (Teams, 20Alert, Social pages, etc.) cannot be used to make campaign announcements or for electioneering.