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 Student Fees

Important News for Timberview Middle School families:
Earlier this school year, a task force of parents, teachers, and administrators reviewed student fees at the direction of Superintendent Dr. Mark Hatchell.  During this process, parents and school administrators asked about possibly eliminating elementary and middle classroom school supply lists and instead charge a fee for classroom school supplies.  After researching this process and realizing that efficiencies will increase and the net cost to parents would decrease, this procedure has been implemented and integrated into the Academy District 20 master 2015-2016 student fee schedule.  Parents won’t need to find a supply list for a particular grade level and teachers will not need to purchase classroom school supplies on their own.  Students and parents will benefit from the tax exempt status and volume purchasing power of the school district.  Teachers can order the exact supplies they use and the school can retain and reuse supplies that are useful for multiple years, which should result in the supply fee decreasing in subsequent years. 
The 2015-16 Timberview Middle School supply fee total is $65.00.  The Core Academic Classroom Supply fee for Timberview Middle School is $35.  This fee covers the cost of expendable school supplies that remain in the school for student use throughout the school year (pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, glue, rulers, protractors, facial tissue, antibacterial wipes, etc...).  The Consumable Supply fee is $30.  This fee covers the cost of consumable materials issued to students for their individual use throughout the school year (binders, paper, dividers, spiral notebooks, graph paper, folders, etc…).  These fees replace the previous school supply lists and will be collected in the fall when students return.  Please note that the classroom supplies include a Timberview Student Handbook/Planner provided for each semester. 
There are two options to pay these fees.  Option 1: if you would like to use the online PayForIt payment system, please note that there are two line items, Core Academic Classroom Supply fee ($35.00) and Consumable Supply fee ($30.00).  Both these fees equal the total amount of $65.00 due.  Please be sure you pay both fees when using PayForIt.  Option 2: is to make your payment directly to the bookkeeper.  If you choose this option, you may pay a lump sum of $65.00.
You will see the fee schedule in a new format with more detail; this more transparent format is a direct result of the suggestions from the task force.  The complete Timberview Middle School student fee schedule for 2015-16 is available on our school website. 
We appreciate the continued support from our community in making Timberview Middle School a terrific experience for students.
Brett W. Smith


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