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CMS Fundraiser

It's almost that time of year for our annual fundraiser sponsored by PTA!  This is the only time that we participate in a fundraising opportunity.  Proceeds benefit the students and staff.

You can get involved early by placing your orders now!

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Supply Fees Schedule 2015.2016

Earlier this school year, a task force of parents, teachers, and administrators, reviewed student fees at the direction of Superintendent Dr. Mark Hatchell.  During this process, parents and school administrators asked about possibly eliminating elementary and middle school classroom supply lists and instead charge a fee for classroom school supplies.  After researching this process and realizing that efficiencies will increase and the net cost to parents would decrease, this procedure has been implemented with the adoption of the 2015-2016 student fee schedule.

Students and parents benefit from the tax exempt status and volume purchasing power of the school district.  Teachers can purchase the exact supplies they use and the school can retain and reuse supplies that are useful for multiple years.

There is no need to purchase supplies, as the school as already done so for basic supplies for each individual student.

For more info, visit our fees and school supplies page.

Challenger Receives Award

Challenger is proud to have received the John Irwin School of Excellence Award for 2014. The John Irwin Award, named after a former state legislator, is part of the Colorado School Awards Program created in 2000 by the Colorado General Assembly to recognize the highest-performing and most-improved public schools in the state, as determined by the School Accountability Reports. The reports rate schools on academic performance and growth based on standardized test results.
This annual award is given to the Colorado public schools that are in the top eight percent of School Accountability Report total scores for academic performance. Elementary, middle, and high schools can receive the award.


Challenger Middle School is a "School of Innovative Learning and Technology" (SILT). Instruction is delivered through one to one iPad implementation with all 6th grade students having an iPad (2013-14 school year), all 7th graders having an iPad (2014-15 school year) and all 8th graders having an iPad in the 2015-16 school year. There is a yearly $50.00 user fee that covers accidental breakage of the device.​

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